Friday, August 24, 2007

Opposite Our Natural Being?

Speaking of people displaced by war, surely that includes soldiers coming home wounded physically and/or emotionally. I saw an interesting quote in this morning's newspaper from National Guard Captain Jeffrey Cox. Cox is a former social worker for troops in Iraq and now a contractor for the Army's Wounded Warrior program.

War "seems like, at times, the absolute opposite of what our natural being is," said Cox.

He has urged the Society of St. John the Evangelist (Episcopal) to offer a healing retreat to help returning soldiers adapt to life back home and reconnect with their faith.


Dina Greenberg: said...

I recently read about Captain Cox and the retreat, as well. I am a writer/researcher working on a series of articles on the spiritual care of our returning soldiers. I would be interested in learning more about Cox's work in Iraq, as well as any other programs that address this issue. Feel free to e-mail at:

Dina Greenberg: said...

Spiritual Care for returning Veterans