Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cousin of Herbert Jogerst gets in touch.

On Saturday, April 12, I received an e-mail from Bruce and Nyla Jogerst. Bruce is a second cousin once removed to Herbert Jogerst, the German POW sculptor I profiled in an earlier post. (See "Herbert Jogerts POW Sculptor" posted on October 2, 2007.)

The Jogersts requested a copy of the materials I have about Herbert Jogerst. They are making a trip from Florida to Illinois and would like to see the Christ of the Ohio statue on Fulton Hill in Troy, Indiana, during their journey.

The package of clippings and the translation of the interview went into the mail today. I hope they enjoy their trip.

The photo above shows Herbert Jogerst's son Elmar with the Christ of the Ohio statue created by his father, German POW Herbert Jogerst. The statue is eleven feet tall and weighs 62,000 pounds. It overlooks the Ohio River.