Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Searching for Passengers on the Henry Baldwin 1944

After my essay on Camp Aliceville appeared in The Anniston Star, I heard from a man in Eastaboga, Alabama, who is searching for former German POWs who might remember making the Atlanta crossing on a Liberty Ship named the Henry Baldwin. He says they picked up 350 German POWs in Algiers and discharged them in Newport News, Virginia about May 23, 1944.

If the name of this ship sounds familiar to any of my readers, please let me know by e-mail, and I will put you in touch with this man.

The Liberty ships carried supplies to American troops in Europe and then carried POWs (mostly Germans) back to camps in the US during WWII. There are numerous memories about those crossings--how crowded the ships were, how they tossed and turned sideways and front to back, sleeping in hammocks in the hold, eating pretty well, and wondering where on earth they were headed, and what would happen when they got there.

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