Monday, April 20, 2009

Mary Bess Paluzzi Returns to the Aliceville Museum

Health concerns have caused Aliceville Museum Director Ann Kirksey to leave the museum, and we wish her well with her recovery. Her winning smile has welcomed many visitors in the past few years--many of them readers of this blog.

We'd like to welcome back her sister Mary Bess Paluzzi, who was the original director of the Aliceville Museum. She now returns to this post after serving several years as Clerk/Manager for the City of Aliceville.

It was Mary Bess who first welcomed me to Aliceville when I expressed an interest in writing about the German POW camp there during World War II. Her initial reaction to me was one of definite skepticism. "You know," she said, "a lot of people have come down here and said they wanted to write a book, but none of them ever followed through." She tried to put me off by giving me a long list of reference books to consult before contacting her again.

I found the reference books fascinating, and they spiced up my interest in the project. In the end, Mary Bess and I became great friends, and my book GUESTS BEHIND THE BARBED WIRE is dedicated to her and her dedication to the museum.

Welcome back, Mary Bess!

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