Monday, November 30, 2009

Aliceville Museum Director Adds to Information About Mayhall Photos

Aliceville Museum Director Mary Bess Paluzzi was fascinated with the photos of WWII Aliceville posted to this blog by Bruce Mayhall. She noted that Billie Frances Pate worked at the soda fountain in Jones Drugstore at that time. "I always heard that she was a very beautiful young woman," Mary Bess wrote in an e-mail, "and this photo proves it."

If any of my readers visit the Aliceville Museum, they will see a beautiful display case that contains the Marine Corps uniform of Sergeant Major Albert Thomas Kirk, who became Billie's husband. In additiion to the large collection of memorabilia from Camp Aliceville, the museum also houses numerous displays of American military memorabilia from World War II.

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